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Don’t let technology bog you down Vanguard is here to help. Save time and money by optimizing your current system with a free assessment. Vanguard offers hundreds of solutions with thousands of products including computers, VoIP phones, teleconferencing, digital displays, printers, IT support, cloud hosting, copier support, and many others.


Why Vanguard Technology?

Vanguard Technology is a family owned business in the Central Florida area that prides itself on saving businesses, churches and schools money and time with their technology. 

Offering free technical reviews to optimize workflows and increase productivity Vanguard is there to support you every step of the way.

Office Solutions

Vanguard offers complete office solutions to the Central Florida area including new computers, printers, phones, IT support, monitors, and copier support. Vanguard’s solutions help companies lower their capital expenditures with leasing programs for all their products and services. 

Conference Room Solutions

Is you workforce working from home? Conferencing and telecommunications has never been more important and Vanguard offers hundreds of individual products as well as bundles to provide any company complete conference room, video conferencing, and telecommuting solutions. 

Customer Facing Solutions

Still have a brick and mortar store front, restaurant, or showroom? Vanguard offers solutions like digital signage, touch displays, LED walls, and software to engage and increase dwell time in any environments increasing sales by up to 20%.

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